HP Photosmart C4680 Driver Printer

HP Photosmart C4680

HP Photosmart C4680 Driver Printer

HP Photosmart C4680 all-in-One  is a reasonable candidate, but only if you don’t print many pages. Text, graphics, and photo quality are all par or better for inkjet, and speed for both business applications and for relatively fast for the price. The cost of running, but relatively high (more on that later), so the more pages you print, the less interesting it will be.

Related feature C4680 offers some photos of the most sought after for use in the home. It can print directly from a memory card (but not from a PictBridge camera), feature a copy do a pretty good job with photos, and that includes color LCD to let you view photos on the memory card before printing. Small LCD with current standards, at 1.45 inches, and not slanted, which means you have to move your head than the LCD display to get the best out of the picture, but still the comfort that was welcomed.

The combination of features, along with the lack of Office-centric features-no network, No Fax capabilities, and there is no automatic document feeder-peg the C4680 as strictly aimed at home use, rather than, say, a home office or even shared printers for the home and Office, even though it was quality output for text and graphics are good enough so that it can serve in a Home Office, too, for the use of very light-duty.

Setup and performance
Prepare the C4680 are pretty standard. Set printer 6.7 17.4-by-by 16.6-inch in place, remove the packing material, connect the power cord, and turn on. Then Snap on the black and Tri-color cartridge, paper weights, and run the semi-automatic alignment routine, which prints the page, and then ask You to put your page on the flatbed so the printer can scan and align the print head. Finally, you can run the setup program from the disc, and automatically install the USB cable when the program tells you to.

For my test, I installed a printer on a Windows Vista system. According to HP, it also comes with a driver and a complete set of software for Vista x 64, XP SP1 or higher, and Mac OS X v 10.4 and 10.5. (HP says OS X version 10.6 and Windows 7 will both provide C4680 driver as part of the operating system). In addition, C4680 equipped with printer drivers and the scanner just for XP x 64 SP1 and higher,

Output Quality
The quality of output C4680 ‘s are other fun surprises. Text and graphics are of higher quality than most inkjet AIOs can manage, and photo quality are well within the range in which most of the AIOs Ink Jet crashed.

More than half of the font in the text suite we pass both thresholds are very readable and well formed at 5 points, with some passing in 4 points. Even a very stylish font with bold passing strokes both tests on 10 points. Unfortunately, one of the most commonly used fonts do not qualify are also formed on any size below 20 points due to a space character, though in fact it is very easy to read in 4 points. As with any inkjet, characters do not have crisp edges you desire for something like a resume. But for something short of it, should be able to handle the C4680 text you need to print.

HP Photosmart C4680 Driver For Windows

Full Driver and Software
Operating System : Microsoft Windows 10 (32-bit)/(64-bit),  Microsoft Windows 8 (32-bit)/(64-bit), Microsoft Windows 8.1 (32-bit)/(64-bit),
Driver Windows  Version File size Release date Download
HP Photosmart C4600 All-in-One Printer series Full Feature Software and Driver 14.8.0 136.9 MB Jul 30, 2015 Download
Utility – Diagnostic Tools
Operating Systems:  Microsoft Windows 10 (32-bit)/(64-bit),  Microsoft Windows 8 (32-bit)/(64-bit), Microsoft Windows 8.1 (32-bit)/(64-bit), Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit)/(64-bit),
Driver Windows  Version File size Release date Download
HP Print and Scan Doctor for Windows 9.2 MB Mar 11, 2019 Download

How to Install HP Printer for Windows
  1. Download the driver / software file on the table provided.
  2. Specify the storage directory on your computer.
  3. After downloading the driver / software, double-click the driver / software file that you want to install.
  4. The driver or software installation process can be started automatically
  5. Follow the instructions on the computer screen so that they are finished.
HP print doctor – OS Compatibility (Windows/Mac OS) for your Hp printer device users for software that supports the printer, various operating systems support Windows, Mac OS x. below are some Weekly Device HP Printer with software downloads easily.

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